Concerto ASHKABAD @ THe Rock Planet Coimbra

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Concerto ASHKABAD @ THe Rock Planet Coimbra

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Ashkabad estreiam-se em Portugal no Palco Heineken do The Rock Planet - Coimbra numa experiência que promete ser "explosiva", algures situada entre o reggae e o dub.

Tickets: 3 DUBS
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After Gig, Dj Set by Dj Javier Rodriguez

➜ About Ashbad:

Ashkabad is an Electro-Dub duo formed in 2010 by the 2 musicians Bast (_Soul Sindikate et Dub Trooper_) and Rodj. The project is to make collide jamaican influences from the 70's, european current bass music, and their unique touch and see what happens…

After a first E.P. (5 tracks), followed by a music video in 2011, over 80 gigs all over France, such as the "Passagers du Zinc" and l' "Akwaba" in Avignon, la "Gare de Coustellet", "Fest'Is", "YPTLM Festival", "Festival du Soleil", along side of Dub Inc., Kaly
Live Dub, iPhaze, De La Colline, Maniacx, Soom T…Ashkabad , back on stage, makes you the promise of giving an electro-dub/dubstep sound that will give you an irresistible need to jump.

« And then, all of a sudden, the heat goes up; Ashkabad takes you on a journey to Bass Land. You can feel they are giving all they've got! » by NoMusic Magazine

« Ashkabad has only one idea on his mind: Hit you with a FAT BASS! And we love it! » by Zion Magazine